Our Environmental Management Plan details management and operational strategies to ensure all our activities have minimal adverse effects on the environment.

Morrow Builders encourages all personnel to reuse, reduce and recycle and to implement acute environmental protection measures on every project site.

All Morrow Builders personnel and subcontractors are familiarized with our EMP.

Work health
and safety

It is our priority to ensure an injury free work environment and protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and stakeholders in our everyday activities.

Morrow Builders complies with relevant WHS legislation, standards and codes of practice by establishing and reviewing measureable health and safety objectives and targets, managing risks, providing training and emphasizing that we are all responsible for the health and safety of ourselves and others.

Morrow Builders consults with our employees at all levels and involve them in continual improvement.

Indigenous Engagement

Morrow Builders works in partnership with Indigenous people and traditional owners to make sustainable improvements for Indigenous communities.

Morrow Builders assists Indigenous people to work towards developing and implementing partnerships by promoting employment, education and training opportunities.

Brandon Grant, Morrow Builders Indigenous Engagement Coordinator, helps us communicate our Indigenous Engagement Policy to all relevant stakeholders involved in projects, including: local training providers, local contractors, local Elders and the Community Development Program.Please contact our head office if you require any further information.